Manual floor sweeper
Manual floor sweeper Manual floor sweeper

Manual floor sweeper


Product size:54*23*63cm
manual floor sweeper
Cleaning Process: manual
Cleaning Type: Manual
Industry Used: Electronic Industry
Material: Plastic, ABS
Product Description
Drive: manual
Container capacity: 12L
Speed: 4kph
Area swept: 2200m2/hour
Operating width: 550mm
Net weight: 7.9kgs
Gross weight: 9.0kgs


57.5×21×58.5cm /1pc
20/40’gp:380 / 900pcs 

Company Information

Totally 30 people with 4,000 square meter space, established in 2004.
With  over 10 years experience in manufaturing garden tools
Main category: fruit press, fruit crusher, composter, snow shovel, snow thrower and other Cordless and corded garden tools. We also produce woodworking & bench top tools.
Annual production capacity: 300,000pcs.
Quality level: DIY and Semi-professional.  Most Models have UL/CSA/ETL/CE/GS/EMC approval listed. 

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